Walk for Life planned May 14 in Elk River

The Abba Pregnancy Resource Center in Elk River is having its 17th annual “Walk for Life” Saturday, May 14 from 9:30 a.m. to noon.

Participants will gather at Abba, located at 953 Fourth St. and follow a nearly two-mile route, finishing up at the resource center.

Money raised goes to help young women, supplying maternity clothes and educating them in what to expect in their pregnancy, including the birth process. They are also taught how to care for young babies from feeding them to treating cradle cap.

Funds go to help with other things, too, like helping new mothers with formula, diapers, baby clothing and baby furniture.

Abba serves around 100 new clients each year, according to Abba Director Dawn Sheppard. With return clients, that number is approximately 1,000 women who get help every year at the resource center.

“When people used to protest abortion clinics and didn’t want girls or women to get an abortion, their response was, ‘Then help us. How are you going to help me raise this baby?’ So that’s what we’re about,” Sheppard says, “not just encouraging women to not get an abortion, but to assist with their material needs, too.”

Abba goes into area schools, as well, to educate young people about sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and to talk about abstinence and pregnancy issues.

Abba does not offer birth control.

“Our goal is to support women so that abortion is not necessary,” Sheppard says. “We want to make it (abortion) unnecessary and unthinkable.”

Those who would like to join in the walk can pre register at Abba or register the morning of the walk.

For more information, call 763-441-7777.

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