Otsego considers putting splash pad in park

by Bob Grawey
Staff writer
Plans are moving forward in Otsego to install a splash pad in the city’s Prairie Park behind city hall.

Otsego officials say the Parks and Recreation Commission will study the concept plan May 11 and decide whether to approve the project.

The matter will then go before Otsego’s City Council May 23 and if approved, bids will go out in June.

City planner Dan Licht says Otsego wanted to make Prairie Park more attractive to young families by adding the water features.

The splash pad will be constructed where the old skate board site is located, and will have 18 different water features that will spray upwards at various times.

Each one will be on a separate timer, Licht explains, and will be divided into a toddler area and a teen/family area.

Boy Scout Aaron Dorvinen will design all the landscaping around the splash pad as his Eagle Scout project.

Aaron Dorvinen

Dorvinen will also build beds, plant all the plants involved in the landscaping and place all the hardscaping involved in the project.

Licht says construction of the splash pad will likely take place in June once approved by the City Council, and take one month to complete.

Current cost estimates for the entire project are at $85,000, and will be paid for out of developer’s fees.

The Prairie Park splash pad will be free to the public.

Hours of operation are thought to be 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., but have not been set by city council members yet.

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