Jugglers to entertain at Taste of Elk River

The Mighty Hindenburgs

The Mighty Hindenburgs, a juggling and comedy trio, will be featured entertainment at Taste of Elk River on Thursday evening along with local country rock singer Shane Martin.

The event takes place from 5 to 9 p.m. at Lions Park.

“We are a fire juggling, comedy, fun group,” said Andrew Lee, who goes by the name Jamison on stage and will team with two Hindenburg brothers.

Shane Martin

Asked to list a couple of their tricks, he said:

“We will juggle while playing a game of Jinga with enlarged pieces,” he said. “And we will be cutting a carrot with a machete out of someone’s mouth, a volunteer from the crowd.”

Their Web site, mightyhindenburgs.com states: “After years of slaving away in the Hindencave, The Mighty Hindenburgs’ comedy, danger, fire-juggling show was finally completed. It’s one of the most powerful, high-impact, action-packed, hilarious  variety entertainment acts currently available. As professional jugglers and amateur hydrogen manipulators, The Mighty Hindenburgs are ‘ready to launch’ our interactive comedy danger show with audience participation at various venues.”

Based in Minneapolis, the group has performed “around the country,” said Lee.

Martin, former Elk star athlete, is a popular club performer in the metro area. He was featured on this page last August.


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