“Starry” night for Spectrum High prom

by Briana Sutherland

Contributing writer

Students from Spectrum High School dressed in their best on Saturday for their fourth annual prom, “A Starry, Starry Night.”

Juniors Taylor Houle and Nicole Johnson eagerly awaited the grand march Saturday afternoon inside Gateway Church in Elk River.

“My favorite part of the day was going to work to take pictures and seeing family,” said Houle.

Friends Joelle Emmel and Saige Vacek posed for pictures outside of the auditorium prior to the grand march.

“It was really easy to pick out a dress,” said Vacek who selected a floor length red dress.

Silver glittering stars, flowing tulle and two columns saying “Prom 2011” greeted students and families inside the auditorium. Prom adviser Letita Potvin, along with 25 to 30 parents, spent two hours prior to the grand march decorating the auditorium of Gateway church.

From left: Scott Koppendrayer, Kayla Koppendrayer, Cody Dellwo, Karla Koppendrayer, Mandy Jahner, Alex Joos

“All the families involved were very supportive and awesome,” Potvin said.

The theme for their prom was selected last fall when the planning process began. Students wanted something classy and timeless, so the theme, “A Starry, Starry Night” was selected.

Potvin began the grand march by thanking many parents for their hard work and dedication to making prom a success for the students.

“We probably have the best-looking students in Elk River,” said Potvin.

After the grand march, students dined at restaurants around town and made their way to Greenhaven Golf Course in Anoka for desserts and dancing into the evening.


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