City adopts ‘Code of Civility’ for meetings

The Elk River City Council has laid out some ground rules for behavior at its meetings in a new “Code of Civility” adopted May 2.
The code will be posted in the two rooms at city hall where council meetings are held — the council chambers for regular meetings and the Upper Town Conference Room for work sessions.
The code includes:
•All electronic devices are to be turned off or silenced.
•Disruptive behavior is prohibited. Don’t interrupt others who have the floor.
•Refrain from side discussions.
•Be respectful of others.
•Wait to be recognized by the Council.
•Speak at the podium so everyone can hear you.
•Come prepared and speak to the issue. Be brief and to the point.
•Address your comments to the board as whole.
Mayor John Dietz said of the code: “It’s nice and simple and to the point.”
The code indicates that the city’s goal is to foster an environment which encourages a fair discussion and exchange of ideas without fear of personal attacks.
Anyone whose behavior is disruptive is subject to removal from the meeting, according to the code.

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