Baseball: Thunder trip Monticello 6-3

Kyle Connelly pitched the distance and Matt Milless socked a two-run triple as the Zimmerman Thunder beat Monticello 6-3 on Tuesday.


Connelly struck out five while allowing nine hits and two walks.


Milless was 1-for-4 with the key hit in the first inning. Brandon Giese was 2-for-4 with three steals and two runs. Evan Bye got on base four times with three walks and a hit-by-pitch.


The Thundeer got 10 hits and three walks of Monticello’s Mitch Roberts.


On Monday, the Thunder lost to STMA 8-3. Brandon Giese took the loss. STMA’s McCarthey permitted only one hit, and Schmitz was 3-for-4 with a homer.


Zimmerman (3-7) has won two of its last three.They will host Becker on Thursday.


“We are starting to finally play as a team over the last couple of games and it is starting to show on the field,”  said coach Matt Kraus. “We are starting to hit the ball a little better, but still need to improve when we have runners in scoring position. Both Giese and Kyle pitched well the last two games, and Austin Koch made a heck of a defensive play to close out Monticello yesterday.”



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