Hannah’s Law heading to the Senate floor

by T.W. BudigECM Capitol reporter

Ron Edlund placed a framed photo of his granddaughter Hannah on the table before testifying to the Senate Health and Human Services Committee today (Monday, May 2).
“The reason we are doing this is because we had a little girl, Hannah, who went to daycare one day and didn’t come back,” said Edlund.

The family doesn’t know whether Hannah’s Law‚ legislation carried in Senate by Sen. Dan Hall, R-Burnsville, would have saved Hannah, Edlund explained. “But I don’t want another family to go through this” he said.

Four-year-old Hannah Kozita died last summer at a childcare center in North Mankato by choking on a grape.
No one close by knew CPR, according to media reports. Hannah’s Law would change that.

Already passed in the House, the bill was carried by Rep. Mary Liz Holberg, R-Lakeville, the legislation requires all teachers and assistant teachers at childcare centers to have CPR training.

Further, the bill requires that at least one staff person during field trips when transporting children must have satisfactorily completed CRP training.
The CPR training must be completed within 90 days of start of work, unless competed during the previous three years.

Under the existing law, every child in a care center must be in the presence of a teacher or assistant teacher with CPR training.
But that individual doesn’t necessarily have to be in the same room.

In licensed homes, the license holder must have CPR training.

A representative from the American Red Cross indicated the organization strongly supported Hannah’s Law. Hannah’s parents are Justin and Jenni Kozitza. Hannah had a nine-year-old sister, Madison.

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