Rogers High School students show their true colors at Prom 2011

The “unmasking” of Rogers 2011 Mardi Gras-themed prom was a burst of colors and fun for all who attended.

A little more than 300 students paid the $65 or more ticket price to attend. The night started off with a traditional grand march in the gym and followed with party buses, limos and cars all shuttling students down to the Metropolitan Ballroom in Golden Valley.

Junior Tolu Odunusi and senior Nico Salas Velazquez.

Senior Lauren Thibado was in a group of more than 20 students who rented a party bus for the evening. She said: “It was very fun.”

Spectrum High School is having its prom, “A Starry, Starry Night,” on April 30 at Greenhaven in Anoka.

Elk River High School is planning a “Soiree in the City” for its 2011 prom on May 21. The school’s grand march will be at 4 p.m. at the High School.

Prom will be again be at International Market Square.

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