Opinion: County employees find ways to save money

Our county departments and employees come up with various ways to save money (tax dollars) while providing energy efficiency. When our 1979 hot water boiler was wearing out, Kevin Anderson, building facilities director, started to plan to replace them with water boilers with operating efficiency of almost 98 percent. Dave Lucas, solid waste administrator, realized there was a potential ARRA grant (which we received) due to meeting the purpose of the “stimulus” grant which are: reduce energy use, create jobs, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and buy American.
So the project cost $266,924, the grant portion being $88,532, an energy rebate $16,400 and an annual energy savings of $32,479, making this a win-win project with five-year payback on our investment. This project allows future additions to be covered by our boiler system. The old boilers were recycled. Finally, extensive reporting data and consumption data was and is generated.
In these days small victories like this are welcome. So, I say let us keep finding similar projects so the taxpayer can win again. — Rachel Leonard, county commissioner

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