Jungbauer back in Senate after accident

Sen. Michael Jungbauer, R-East Bethel, rose on the Senate floor April 11 and stated the obvious.

“Last week was a pretty tough week,” said Jungbauer.

Jungbauer is back at work, at least part time, after being struck by a car last week while out running near the State Capitol.

The first thing the driver said once out of the car was, “‘I didn’t see ya,’” said Jungbauer, who expressed no animosity toward the driver.

Jungbauer told the Senate he was still feeling banged up, and would probably be at the Capitol half days for awhile.

Indeed, his wife drove him to the Capitol today, Jungbauer explained.

Jungbauer spent Wednesday night, April 6, at Regions Hospital after being struck by the car. He was released late Thursday afternoon.

“I want to thank the staff here, they were phenomenal,” Jungbauer said at that time. “I also want to thank everyone in the general public and everyone at work for their thoughts and prayers,” he said. Jungbauer again thanked fellow senators, Senate staff and others today for their thoughts and prayers.

Besides being struck last week, Jungbauer is also dealing with the recent death of his father. The funeral service took place last Monday.

Jungbauer told his Senate colleagues that he wears blaze-orange when out running.

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