Ask a Chief

Q: What is the most common crime in Elk River?
A: By far the most common crime in Elk River is theft. There were almost 600 reports of theft last year. Many of those thefts were preventable.
With warmer weather comes an increase in nighttime thefts from vehicles left parked in driveways or on the street, toys and bikes left in yards, or items from unsecured garages.
Thieves will walk from house to house in a neighborhood trying the door handles of cars left parked outside. They will steal anything of value.
Prime targets are GPS devices, lap top computers, cell phones, purses, CDs, and cash or change. Some thieves will even enter unlocked garages.
Always lock your cars and your garages and never leave your keys in your vehicle. Remove or at least hide from sight anything of value. Never leave anything of value in your car when running in to a business; not even for a minute.
Immediately report any suspicious activity to the police including curfew violations, people looking in cars, or persons loitering in parking lots or neighborhoods.
If an activity makes you suspicious please call when it is occurring. We would much rather investigate something that turns out to be innocent than take a theft report later.
— Brad Rolfe, Elk River police chief

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