■ Zimmerman High School students gamble on a night of fun and come up winners

Families and students braved the harsh winds and chilly temperatures to dress in their best for their Casino Royale prom on Saturday. Animal prints, high heels, top hats and ties lined the gymnasium as students anxiously awaited their turn to walk down the decorated gymnasium.

Aleasha Narloch, Bailey Evanson

Eighteen sets of hands spent 18 hours transforming a space used for sports into a luxurious hotel lobby. Large dice, sparkling lights and a red carpet awaited students and family behind the gym doors.

Prom adviser Susan Nelson said the cold weather had an impact on pictures before the grand march, with many students taking pictures inside the greenhouse at Nelson Nursery. “It also impacted people waiting to get into grand march, because they had to wait outside in the cold,” said Nelson.

After grand march students made their way to Northern Lights Ballroom and Banquet Center in Pease for fine dining and to dance the night away. This year’s prom queen was Hannah Fordahl and prom king was Nick Judnitch.

Local businesses donated gift cards or gifts that were prizes during the evening.

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