Rogers Revue was a nice night out without leaving town

Scott Hines and Dave McNellis of "Quarter to Three." Off camera was Ross Jorgenson on guitar.

by Bruce Strand, Arts editor

An impressive lineup of local talent at the third annual Rogers Revue drew a nice crowd Friday, April 8, at Word of Peace Church.

“We had our biggest crowd, with 267 paid,” said Harold Trombley, organizer and master of ceremonies. “The first year was bigger than last year’s but this one was the most.”

Brianna Schultzenberg

Proceeds went to the Rogers-Hassan Senior Freindship Group, to help pay for the hiring of a director, and towards a future Center.

The RHS Kitties including Kate Nielsen are the little sister group of the RHS Wildcats competitive cheerleaders. Both groups performed.

Eighteen acts were lined up and all were well-received by the crowd. It was an occasion for a very pleasant evening of entertainment without leaving town.

Getting the show off to  a great start was “Quarter to Three,” a country band that does not nornally perform except to jam once a week at one of the members’ homes. Dave McNellis sang Johnna Cash standards “Folsum Prison Blues” and “Get Rhythm,” and Scott Hines sang “The Fightin’ Side of Me” and “My Pretty Valentine.”  They could easily draw crowds if they chose to perform. “I would really like to get them to sing at a benefit for CROSS,” said Trombley.

Krista Skare

Other acts were Brianna Schultzenberg singing an original song with guitar; the Rogers High School

Ella Achterkirch

Wildcats Cheer Team and their elementary group the RHS Kitties; Jimmy Jensen on piano wailing “Rogers Hop” in Jerry Lee Lewis style with son Jack on bass; Kristen Skare singing “Taylor, the Latte Boy,” an ode to her crush at the coffee shop, capped by her husband Rick (a Word of Peace pastor) joining her on stage as the latte boy; Dawn Witt Saxton on flute performing  variations on a theme by Rossini, with mom Elaine on piano; Michael Sahlen on piano cracking himself and everyone else up with the Mary Poppins song “I Love to Laugh;”  Michelle Tomsche lending an opera element to the show with “O Mio Bambino Caro;” nine-year-old Ella Achterkirch singing “The Climb;” Kristina Trombley

Harold Trombley, MC

singing the BeeGees pre-disco hit “NY Mining Disaster 1941” and playing flute, with dad Eric on guitar and backup; Lauren Taylor, current Miss Rogers, singing “Love Has Eyes;” Logan Sabinash, a youngsgter on piano performing “Grenade;” Keith Saxton on tenor sax and Alison Saxton on piano doing “Domino;” Dick Huevels and Krista Grams channeling Johnny & June with “Times A-waisting” and “Jackson;” Dixie Howell with a soulful “Walk Around Heaven All Day” with Irma Chamberlain on piano; and Sahlen directing the Word of Peace Bell Choir with “Prelude in F” and “Waiting for the Robert E. Lee.”

Trombley also provided a steady stream of jokes, along with a serious turn  just before intermission, a tribute to troops, reciting “In Flanders Fields” with Boy Scout Alex Moudry on trumpet playing “Taps.”

(Photos by Bruce Strand)


Jimmy Jensen and his son Jack
Eric Trombley and daughter Kristina
Miss Rogers, Lauren Taylor
Dixie Howell
Dawn Witt Saxton



Michelle Tomsche
Michael Sahlen
Logan Sabinash
Dick Heuvels and Krista Bram

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