Opinion: Musical theater comes to life

Last Saturday I had the wonderful opportunity to attend the production of “Godspell” put on by Rogers High School. What an amazing and inspiring performance by those fine young actors to share with us their God-given talents.

Under the direction of Warren Schueneman and Terrell Beaudry, an opportunity for some musical theater was brought to the students who attend Rogers High School.

A great job was also done by the production and stage crew to assemble this production in a makeshift theater (commons area) with all its own lighting and sound challenges.

Let me say Rogers High School, you did an outstanding job with the situations and limitations you had! Maybe in the next referendum the district can find you an auditorium in its budget! While I won’t hold my breath for that, I will send a donation to www.rhsmusicals.com to help keep the dreams alive for kids to participate in music and theater in the Rogers area. — John Lyrenmann, Elk River

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