Opinion: Godspell sings, people ask for more

If you’re going to take a big leap of faith, it’s best to have Jesus in the lead role. That’s exactly what Terry Beaudry did when he decided to produce “Godspell” as the first-ever musical for Rogers High School.

I have just completed a weekend of attending all four shows and can confidently say — he had a perfect 10 landing.

Each night, as the crowds grew, so did the excitement of the audience and the actors.

What a perfect opportunity for neighbors, friends and families to come together to support this community and have an entertaining night out.

Many already know that Terry started with a budget of $0.00 and was still able to pull off an incredible musical. How?

In typical Roger’s fashion; he found some very generous area businesses and individuals to donate money, services, and support. He brought in Warren Schueneman as director who did an amazing job. John and Crystal MacIntyre, who with their years of experience in Elk River theater, held our hands and took care of the thousands of details. Andy Kust, who got all the songs just right (I’m still humming them in my head). And of course so many others. THANK YOU.

It was such a joy to watch my daughter, Natalie, bloom as she experienced her first theater production and it’s a dream I want to see happen for so many others. This year was a small cast but the potential to add additional actors, create set-designs, and so much more is in our reach.

Let’s pull together and show that we want a strong arts program in our community and we too are willing to leap for the future of our youth. Let our school board know — we’re ready to jump! — Jean Thoreson, Rogers

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