Counterpoint: Critical thinking skills lacking

All I can say after reading the letter denigrating older teachers and police officers last week (Held hostage to lobbyists no more, April 9) is that I am grateful the writer never taught my children. His generalizations were almost laughable and the mistakes in logic and grammar in his letter make me question his own education.

I am also certain that teachers and law enforcement officers who have served a decade or more did not appreciate being labeled “rocks” or retirees-in-waiting. What an insult to those of us who have devoted our lives to these professions! Every teacher I know paid faithfully into his or her retirement account and also made a substantial contribution to the cost of medical and dental insurance with every paycheck.

Speaking of powerful lobbyists … how about those employed by the NRA, as well as Big Oil, defense contractors, pharmaceutical giants and other wealthy corporations? Could their millions possibly be influencing the way lawmakers vote on issues important to them?

In my opinion, Mr. Svea desperately needs to go back to school. He might be able to develop his critical thinking skills in order to examine issues he deems important. He might also learn to write effectively. Perhaps then he might, I say might, be able to take on the eloquent and well-reasoned writings of the former editor of the Star News. — Mark L. Larson, Ph.D, Elk River

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