Opinion: Time to recognize volunteers among us

April 10–16 will mark the 38th annual celebration of National Volunteer Week. The theme for this year’s celebration is Celebrating People in Action. This brief week is set aside to celebrate all the ordinary people who accomplish extraordinary things through their service to community. In a time and economic climate where money is tight and hardships multiply, volunteers tirelessly share their time and talent with people and organizations in need.

Volunteer week is, most definitely, about recognizing and honoring those who have stepped up to serve in countless ways, wherever they can, with both large and small efforts — each creating a bright spot of goodness. The 43 member organizations of The Volunteer Bridge — all accomplishing their missions through volunteer support — urge everyone to join in the celebration of volunteer accomplishments. Each volunteer offers something valuable, whether it is helping with a one-time project or committing to a long-term volunteer position. Thank you, volunteers! Thank you for being people of action!

Volunteer Week is also about inspiring and encouraging even more people to seek ways to become active volunteers — meeting our nation’s challenges, not as isolated individuals, but as members of a community working together. (If anyone is interested in learning more about where volunteers are needed in Sherburne County, consider attending The Volunteer Bridge Expo on Tuesday, April 19, 3 to 6 p.m. at the Elk River Activity Center.)

The Volunteer Bridge also wishes to thank the Star News for its continued assistance to spread the word about current volunteer opportunities in the regularly printed Volunteer Bridge column. The newspaper continues to be an important catalyst to spreading the word about where help is needed. — Charlotte Strei, RSVP/The Volunteer Bridge (Editor’s note: For more information on volunteer service, call 763-635-4505 or 1-877-560-7787 or email Charlotte Strei at [email protected] or www.shercounitedway.org)


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