Cutting-edge salon opens in Otsego

by Jim Boyle


After working a dozen years as an independent contractor in two Elk River salons, Erin Bell decided it was time to open her own.

This idea had been in the back of her mind for quite some time, but once it took root she and Katie Curry, a friend and colleague, decided this business venture could not be ordinary in nature. That’s how the Otsego salon, located at 9125 Quaday Ave. N.E., came to be named Xtreme Salon & Spa.

“I wanted something different,” Bell said of the name. “I wanted it to be catchy. I wanted it to be edgy.”

She and her husband, Justin, are the owners. Curry has been hired as the manager. The two master stylists opened Xtreme Salon & Spa in December of 2010.

They want to have fun at the salon, and be the place people turn to for some excitement. Bell said she foresees offering classes at the salon in the future and opening up after hours for spa parties.

Bell and Curry have traveled to Las Vegas, New York and the Bahamas for hair shows and training.

Salon services include hair cuts, shampoos and styling for men, women and children as well as color and perms.

Xtreme Salon introduced a new skin-care specialist recently. Lisa Houlton brings 10 years of experience with facials, chemical peels, lash perming, brow and lash tinting, body and facial waxing and make-up.

Xtreme Salon & Spa will also be adding a massage therapist soon and additional stylists in the future.

For more information or to make an appointment, call 763-441-8600.


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