Counterpoint: Held hostage to lobbyists no more

Don, you’re way off again, as usual, on the teacher issue you commented on.

In the private sector, where I taught, if you were not effective, in a semester or two, you were gone. Not five years, not one year. You’re not good enough, your done.

Explain to me why should a public employee, being paid for by my taxes, be allowed to be a poor teacher, as long as they do not break any extreme rules and they get to keep their job?

Unless you live under a rock, you know most teachers’ effectiveness drops after about nine years, but by then they are like a rock. You can’t get rid of them. Cops, the same way, but they max at about seven years and then count the days ’til they retire.

Thirty years those teachers in Wisconsin never paid a dime for health care or funded their own retirement packages. Because politicians can be bought and paid for by their lobby, they hold a gun to their head and say, we will elect you and with our millions we will support you and do great things for you, as long as you protect us and help us. If not we will destroy you, and take our millions to someone who will support us.

It’s time they quit holding our government hostage, and it’s time they are evaluated every single quarter just like the private world. It’s time to shut down the gravy train.

We need the best and the brightest teaching our students so we can grow as a culture.  — Michael Svea, Elk River


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