Rogers musical debut solid with “Godspell”

Peter Schultz as Jesus sings “Save the People” with the chorus including (front, from left) Trevor Springer, Alyssa Durst, Natalie Thoresen; middle, from left, Alythia Scully, Tolu Ekisola, Allee Schaffer and Alexa Gerber; and, standing, Jacob Chase, Trenton Wynn and Jack Fitzerald (Judas). (Photo by Bruce Strand)

Rogers High School made its debut in the world of musical theatre in impressive fashion on Thursday, April 7, presenting “Godspell” at the middle school to an audience of about 200 that responded warmly. The two-hour play of Jesus interactively teaching his flock with parables and admonitions was colorful, well-paced, and nicely-choreographed, with the music rich and dancing energetic, under the leadership of veteran director Warren Schueneman and musical director Terrill Beaudry. The key role of Jesus was played with integrity and charm by Peter Schultz, an athletic senior with an excellent voice, and not bad training for a kid who intends to enter the ministry. Each cast member — Schultz, Jack Fitzgerald (Judas), Trevor Springer, Alyssa Durst, Natalie Thoreson, Alythia Scully, Tolu Ekosola, Allee Schaffer, Jacob Chase, and Trenton Wynn — gave fine performances coaxed by Schueneman and Beaudry. The play continues Friday and Saturday at 7:30 p.m. and Sunday at 2 p.m.

Producer/musical director Terrill Beaudry and director Warren Schueneman welcome the opening audience. (Photo by Bruce Strand)
Allee Schaffer sings “O Bless the Lord My Soul” accompanied by Tolu Ekisola and Alexa Gerber.


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