Greeting cards featuring ERHS artists on sale to help CAER

One of the three greeting cards available for sale, featuring ERHS artists.

Greeting cards featuring ERHS student art work are on sale for $1 each, or 15 for $10, with proceeds going to CAER.

“Rather than starving artists, we are artists helping to feed the hungry,” said Rana Nestrud, Arts Magnet Director at ERHS.

There are three different versions, each featuring eight student artists, so a total of 24 are participating.

Art teacher Damien Husen did the graphics work putting the card together.

The cards are blank on the inside, suitable for graduations, thank-you’s, or any greeting, said Nestrud, who got a grant from ECM Publishing for the project.

To make a purchase, call Nestrud  at 763-241-3400, ext. 2164, or e-mail her at [email protected]


Participating artists

Allie Werner, Kara Bloomquist, Sebastian Rivera, Karissa Cable, Adam Watzke, Jamie Anderson, Samantha Phillips, Maren Sepulveda, Heather Winkler, Eric Stevens Anna Eetherille, Stephanie Peterson, Mariin Olson, Caroline Green, Abigail Wormwood, Mandy Braun, Morida Soun, Austin Stevens, Cariissa Lanthier, Troy Kovich, Matt Hauge, Megan Johnson, Rachel Maaertens, Tessa Warnke


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