Hong Kong contingent visits Elk River

by Jim Boyle


Guardian Angels hosted 26 special guests from Hong Kong yesterday.

The group is here for the Omaha System International Conferences slated for April 7-9 in Eagan.

The April 5 stop in Elk River gave these conference attendees more than just a glimpse  of what they will learn about at the conference.  Guardian Angels has been using the Omaha System for 15 years.

The system, which was developed by a nurse in Omaha, Neb. features a nursing charting system that speaks to client assessment, developing care plans and services and how to incorporate further client evaluation as changes occur.

This research-based, comprehensive, standardized taxonomy is designed to enhance practice, documentation, and information management.

A contingent of 26 people from Hong Kong broke into small groups to explore the Guardian Angels Elk River campus. It's all part of the group's exploration of a nursing charting system that Guardian Angels has used for 15 years.

“It’s a very straightforward method of nursing,” said Linda Olson,  registered nurse and hospice director for Guardian Angels. “It’s geared toward community nursing.”

It is intended for use across the continuum of care for individuals, families, and communities who represent all ages, geographic locations, medical diagnoses, socio-economic ranges, spiritual beliefs, ethnicity, and cultural values.

The contingent from  Hong Kong heard from health care professionals and others plugged into Guardian Angels delivery system. The group also broke into smaller groups and were given tours of the buildings on the campus of Guardian Angels.

It was evident on one of the tours that members of the Hong Kong contingent were impressed with Guardian Angels.

They were astounded that Guardian Angels Care Center had a five-year waiting list, a testament to some of the organization’s success.

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