YMCA, health practitioners sponsor wellness workshops

by Jim Boyle
The YMCA, in partnership with Different Solutions for Families, is  kicking off a series of Wellness Workshops.
The first workshop will address how your body handles stress and how to counter the ill-effects stressors can have on a person’s body.
Lynnsey Jepsen, a doctor of chiropractic in the Rogers-Otsego area, will be the speaker for this first session scheduled for 7 p.m. on April 13.
The workshops are free for YMCA members and require a $5 donation to Harvest Outreach in Elk River from non-members. All workshops will be held in the Y’s Community Room.
“We’re hoping it takes off,” said Gretchen Morris, a certified health and lifestyle coach, who will lead the second session on May 11. “We have a desire to continue on with these workshops. It won’t always be us talking, but our hope is to bring in others.”
Morris and Jepsen are part of a handful of local practitioners who joined forces to create Different Solutions for Families.
Britney Bockwitz, of Natural Fusion, will be the third speaker. The Herbalife saleswoman will lead a workshop on June 8 that covers the benefits of dietary supplementation.
Sponsors of Different Solutions for Life include HealthSource, Chi Energy for Life, Natural Fusion, Healthy Foods for Life and The Zone Team.
People interested in attending the workshops are encouraged to call Bill Bryant at 763-258-7373 or e-mail [email protected]
Morris will talk about how food affects more than just a person’s pants size on May 11.
Morris is the author of the “Everyday Healthy” cookbooks put out by Healthy Foods For Life. It’s the first in a series of cookbooks planned, and it focuses on desserts.
“Most of my clients have the hardest time giving up refined sugars and the cravings associated with them,” Morris said.
The natural sugars used in the cookbook recipes are processed differently by the human body and in most cases do not raise a person’s glycemic level.
The cookbook is also dairy- and gluten-free, although the recipes will work with whole grain flours and regular milk if a person chooses to use those products.
Morris not only cooks, but she also coaches individuals and groups on their relationship with food and developing new habits.
“I have a passion for helping people make small easy changes in their lifestyles that will affect their health in a big way,” Morris said.
Morris is associated with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, a cutting-edge leader in holistic nutrition education since 1992.
Healthy Food For Life is neither a product to buy or a program, but rather a lifestyle to learn healthier living.
It offers cooking classes, one-on-one coaching and group coaching sessions.  The programs offer a variety of recipes, health handouts, nutrition education and a partner to talk with while developing healthier habits during six-month stretches of time.
Healthy for Life’s Web site is www.healthyfoodsforlife.com.

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