Elk River resident creates online album of original music

by Bruce Strand, Arts editor

Elk River resident Ryan Vick announced he has finished an album of music which can be sampled on his web site universalparadox.net.

“Between a full-time day job and running a on-location audio recording business on the side,” said Vick, “I’ve been working on my first album of my own music for four years. It is finally done. I’m excited to get it out to the public.”

Vick calls his one-man band Universal Paradox and describes his genre as  Electronica/Dance and more specifically Minimalism/House.

“What mostly pulls me into that genre in the first impressions of simplicity,” he said, “but if you listen closely, there is really a lot going on. It is NOT your mainstream dance music. Yes, you could dance to it, but it is more for absorbing.”

Vick said he’s worked five years on the technology, figuring out how to “get five keyboards and a drum machine all speaking together to create music .. the sounds and beats that can be created are unlimited.”

A Golden Valley native, Vick and his wife have lived in Elk River since 2007.

A Minneapolis DJ will be performing takes from the album in the coming weeks at various clubs in Minneapolis.  and it will get play on an alternative radio station in Dubai, United Arab Emirates in April, Vick said.


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