Take a ‘chance’ on Chamber Expo and you could be the big winner

by Jim Boyle
The largest business and lifestyle expo in the northwest metro will be held tomorrow (Sunday, March 27) at Elk River High School.
The Elk River Area Chamber of Commerce event is a chance to join your neighbors at this community get together and discover all Elk River has to offer.
The event will run from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.
It’s also a chance to win $2,011 in the Ice Break 2011 contest.
The person who selects the time of day that the last remnant of the Shiver Plunge — a car — breaks into chilly waters of Lake Orono will win the cash. Sunday’s expo could be one of the last opportunities a person has to buy a $20 chance on the $2,011 prize.
Larry Johnson’s auto shop class at Elk River High School prepared the Grand Prix automobile for the Shiver Plunge by removing the motor and transmission as well as all of the vehicle liquids to make it safe.
“The students had a good time,” Johnson said, making no predictions himself on when he thought the car would end up in the lake.
Each chance available has a time of day printed on it so whoever buys each ticket has two time slots — one in the a.m. and the other in the p.m.
Tickets will be available at the expo for $20 apiece. The car sink time will be determined by an official timer.
But that’s only one small slice of the 2011 Business and Lifestyle Expo.
There will also be informative exhibits, new products and lots of drawings and other prizes.
Best of all, admission is free, said Debbi Rydberg, the president of the Chamber of Commerce.
More than 150 businesses and community groups will exhibit at this annual event.
“Whether you are new to the community or have been here all your life, you’re sure to discover something new,” Rydberg said.
For more info, call the Chamber of Commerce at 763-441-3110 or visit their Web site at www.elkriverchamber.org.

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