Opinion: It’s time to clean up our neighborhood junk in Sherburne

As I drive around Sherburne County, including my own neighborhood, I am appalled at all the junk! It’s everywhere. Junk is piling up, houses are in disrepair and it’s getting worse.
Watching TV or reading any publication, all you hear about is falling home prices and complaints about people being upside down with their mortgage. I get it. People are depressed and their property is showing it, or they just don’t have the money to get rid of the clutter.
News flash, people: Your clutter and your neighbor’s clutter is doing you no favors when it comes to your home price, but it can be an opportunity for some quick cash. I have a solution that people may have not considered. Put an ad on craigslist for junk removal. Scrap metal prices are high right now and I know that there are people ready to come and get your unwanted scrap metal for free. Or if you are recently unemployed, take it in yourself for some extra cash. If you find a foreclosed home that is not being taken care of, most cities have ordinances in place and the bank holding the keys to that house is responsible for cleaning it up. As spring comes and you start venturing outside, take a look around. Are there opportunities to make a buck? — Matt Smith, Zimmerman

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