March food drive nears 50,000 mark

by Jim Boyle
The March campaign to raise 100,000 pounds/dollars for CAER, the local food shelf, is nearing the half-way mark.
As of last Wednesday, CAER had accounted for 44,602.93 dollars/pounds.
“We have a long way to go, but I still think we can get there,” said Jenny Gray, the executive director of CAER.
The food shelf that serves Elk River, Otsego and Zimmerman reached a major milestone this past year. It distributed more than 500,000 pounds of food in 2010 valued at more than $1 million.
“That’s quite amazing,” Gray said.
The Elk River area has become known for its generosity to make this possible at CAER.
It’s one of the reasons why they believe Mission Impossible is really Mission Possible for CAER.
The 2011 drive to fill food shelves across the state of Minnesota and locally kicked off Tuesday, March 1.
Every dollar and every pound of food donated helps draw matching funds through both Minnesota FoodShare and the Feinstein Foundation during the 29th annual statewide Minnesota FoodShare March Campaign.
CAER is currently serving about 1,500 households in three communities.
Gray is looking to businesses, schools, churches and other community organizations to help raise the needed dollars and food.
Those who want to give money can mail a check made out to CAER to 19279 Watson St. N.W., Elk River, Minn., 55330, or drop off food at CAER when it is open. The last day to bring in donations to be counted for this year’s drive is April 8.
CAER is able to get $9 worth of food with every dollar donated. CAER also provides emergency financial assistance so people can maintain or retain safe housing, rather than become homeless or have utilities shut off.
For more information, call 763-441-1020.

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