MPCA will monitor groundwater in park

The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) will install a groundwater monitoring well in Elk River’s Windsor Park.
The well is part of a plan to place monitoring wells around the state to look for any issues that may appear in shallow groundwater before it gets down to the aquifer.
“They don’t have any reasons why they’re doing it there. There is nothing to be alarmed about by any means,” said Elk River Park Planner Chris Leeseberg. “They’re placing these all around the state and chose this as one of the areas.”
The well will be about 20 feet deep and sampled once a year.
The Elk River City Council has agreed to allow the well in the park. The MPCA will pay all the costs associated with it.
Windsor Park is located southwest of the intersection of county roads 1 and 33.

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