Teens, grownups get into swing dance

Elk River High School seniors Marin Olson and Jordan Grzybowski had just recently taken up swing dancing but looked like pros. (Photo by Kara Holman)

The second annual Swing Dance hosted by ERHS on Friday, March 11, with five jazz bands providing the music was enjoyed by many adults and students alike, once again.

“We had a wonderful turnout and are planning on doing it again next year,” said ERHS band director John Rosner.  “There were five bands, we decorated more, had some excellent swing dance lessons and people danced and wanted more when we were finished.”

Laura Crepeau of ERHS and Aaron Shaw of Rogers pulled out some moves.

ERHS Black Elk and Red Elk jazz bands performed along with North Suburban Community Band, Rogers High School Band and Salk Middle School Band.

ERHS graduates Eric Volk and Renee Crepeau did an impressive spin move. (Photo by Kara Holman)

A parents group headed by Tanya Love planned the event.

The event is a fundraiser, a performance, a dance, and a community event, said Rosner.  It exposes kids to what jazz bands were all about: playing a dance.

“Before there were speakers to amplify sound,” he said, “you needed a bigger band to get enough sound out, so there was a big need for this type of instrumentation.  That’s why the music was written as it was … So when we play a dance, a light clicks on in the kids heads about what the purpose of this group is really for.”

Kids in the school frequently ask when there’ll be another swing dance evening, Rosner said.

Money raised is used for new equipment, guest instructors, travel expenses and fun events for the kids.



Rick Ernst and Renee Heyne enjoyed a dance. There was about a 50-50 split of adults and kids. (Photo by Kara Holman)
Patrick Alcorn (left) and Zack Hookom of Black Elk Jazz Band (Photo by Kara Holman)
right to left, Zoua Yang, Owen Musgjerd, Kael Smith and Josh Gerou of Salk Middle School. (Photo by Kara Holman)
Many adult couples enjoyed the swing dance at the high school. (Photo by Kara Holman)
Karissa Cable whirls with Mitch Nordahl, both ERHS students. (Photo by Kara Holman)

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