Police report: Propane tank allegedly stolen

A 51-year-old Princeton man reported the theft of a 100-pound  propane tank from the 20500 block of Twin Lakes Road on evening of Feb. 23.
The theft occurred sometime during the night on Feb. 21. The complainant had one of three tanks left to be filled and estimated the filled tank value was $175.

Traffic complaint leads to DWI arrest
A 30-year-old White Bear  Lake man was arrested March 1 for DWI after a traffic complaint alerted police to the motorist.
The complainant reported the driver was disorderly and intoxicated. When an officer was able to reach the driver, he also observed the man fail to signal a lane change, an improper turn and unsafe equipment.
He pulled him over at 18296 Zane St. The driver was cited for fourth-degree DWI.

Police respond to  argument at Hardee’s
An 18-year-old employee at the Elk River Hardee’s restaurant and her manager got into an argument March 1 over the business’ dress code and the new cash register system.
The employee accused the manager, a 53-year-old Elk River woman, of grabbing her upper left arm and leaving red marks during the argument. The complainant was upset over being touched.
The manager denied grabbing the girl’s arm when police questioned her but she did say she touched the girl’s arm in an attempt to get her to clock out for the night.
She told police the girl has an attitude problem and was swearing in front of the customers, causing a disruption at the business.
Both parties were warned for their actions and the consequences of similar actions in the future. The complainant left for the night.

Boy, 11, caught with pocket knife at school
An 11-year-old Elk River boy was caught on Feb. 24 with a small pocket/utility knife in his pocket while attending school at Lincoln Elementary in Elk River.
Elk River police were called to explain the seriousness of the offense and the potential consequences.
The boy told police that he felt safe at school and merely forgot the knife was in his pocket.

Girl, 18, cited for assaulting her mom
An 18-year-old girl was cited March 1 for fifth-degree domestic assault after allegedly breaking items around her house in the 800 block of Proctor Avenue in Elk River and throwing them at her mother.
The victim said the suspect had pushed her against the wall and had thrown a broken piece of glass at her.
The suspect was located in Wright County and arrested.

Alleged counterfeit check investigated
Elk River police are investigating what they believe to be a counterfeit  check that was presented to The Bank of Elk River. It was reported on Feb. 28.

Intersection with new stop signs watched
Elk River police are monitoring the intersection of Xavier and 193rd Avenue, which recently had stop signs erected for east-west traffic on 193rd Avenue.
Since Feb. 7 the police have done 16 directed patrol shifts at the intersection during which officers monitor it for long periods of time noting the traffic flow.
The police stopped 29 vehicles as of March 3 and issued six citations.

Cash reported stolen  at school locker room
A 29-year-old Wyoming man reported at 11 p.m. on  Feb. 26 that $80 to $90 in cash was taken from his wallet while in the boys locker room at Elk River High School. School officials checked security video and noted nobody but wrestling staff entered the locker room.

One traffic stop,  several arrests made
Elk River police arrested a 21-year-old Elk River man for fourth-degree DWI. Passengers in the vehicle that was stopped about 4 a.m. on Feb. 26 at the intersection of Highway 169 and Main Street were cited for open bottle and a small amount of marijuana in a motor vehicle.

Vehicle’s speed leads to DWI arrest
A 22-year-old Ramsey man was arrested for DWI after being stopped for speeding on 193rd Avenue shortly before 11 p.m. on Feb. 25.
The motorist was clocked doing 42 in a 30.
The stop led to the driver being arrested for fourth-degree DWI. The driver blew a .12.

He left without paying, settled up later
A 24-year-old Sartell man allegedly left Buffalo Wild Wings in Elk River on the night of Feb. 25 without paying for his tab.
During the investigation police were told there was some confusion over who was going to pick up the tab — the Sartell man or his buddy.
Police tracked him down at Applebee’s.
The Sartell man admitted to the complainant that he intentionally left without paying but now wanted to take care of the bill.
He did and the bar accepted his payment, and did not wish to pursue any charges. The suspect was warned, and sent on his way.

Fight leads to trip to hospital
A 21-year-old Big Lake man was cited for assault after allegedly punching a man at Time Out Bar shortly before 1 a.m. on Feb. 25.
He was removed from the establishment after getting into it with two adults, and another fight erupted in the parking lot.
He ended up getting pushed in the parking lot by one of the victims after he reportedly had his hands around their throats.
He was transported to the hospital for intoxication (a BAC of .194) and because he hit his head when he was pushed down.

Stolen item casts smell
A 20-year-old Otsego woman was cited for stealing a bottle of perfume from Walmart shortly before 4 p.m. on Feb. 25.

Potential fraud reported
A 53-year-old Elk River woman reported a possible case of fraud on Feb. 24.
She told police she received a phone call while at work in the 13800 block of Business Center Dr. from a “legal firm” claiming that she was past due on a loan and if she didn’t make arrangements to pay the loan they would be taking legal action against her.
The complainant said she believes personal information may have been stolen and is being used to try and fradulenty scare her into sending them money.

Drinking, driving didn’t mix well for individuals
Elk River Police stopped a vehicle at the intersection of Jackson and School Street on after midnight on Feb. 28 and made several arrests.
All four of the occupants in the vehicle admitted to drinking.
The driver, an 18-year-old Elk River woman, was cited for underage drinking and driving.
Two passengers — a 19-year-old Elk River man and a 17-year-old Otsego girl — were cited for underage drinking.
A fourth person, a 25-year-old Elk River man who was on probation, was taken into custody on an apprehension and detention order through Sherburne County probations.

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