Police send out crime alert to bars, restaurants

by Jim Boyle
Elk River Police have sent crime alerts to local bars and restaurants after a rash of thefts involving people who have left items unattended or been distracted for a short time.

“We’re also asking patrons to watch out for this occurring,” said Elk River Police Capt. Bob Kluntz. “But obviously the best way to prevent this crime is for people not to leave valuables unattended.”

There are at least four instances of these type of crimes since Feb. 10 that police are investigating. Three took placeat Time Out and the fourth took place at Sunshine Depot.

Items that have been taken include a purse, three cell phones, two jackets and a digital camera.
Police believe the crimes are likely a sign of the hard economic times, but there is also a possibility some of the thefts are linked.

So what’s the likelihood these crimes will be solved?

“It’s difficult, but we have information that we are following up on right now,” Kluntz said.

The most recent case of this type of theft happened at Time Out on Feb. 26.

A 22-year-old Big Lake man reported that between  1 and 2 a.m. someone stole his Carhart brand jacket, valued at $150, that he had left sitting on a bar stool. Inside the jacket was a Palm brand cellular phone and a set of silver and black keys to a place of employment.

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