Valentine’s Day arrests spoil couple’s date

Elk River police responding to Time Out on a report of a Valentine’s Day domestic ended up arresting two individuals involved in the fracas.
The call time was 5:50 p.m. on Feb. 14.
A 28-year-old woman who went outside and got into her truck prior to officers arriving was arrested on suspicion of DWI.
Officers went inside to speak with the male party involved and ended up arresting him on charges of obstructing legal process. The 28-year-old Princeton man began to poke an officer in the chest. The man was warned on several occasions, but again tried to reach out and either grab or punch the officer, at which time he was arrested.

More vehicles are rummaged through
A 40-year-old Elk River man who resides in the 11000 block of 192nd Court reported that sometime during the night of Feb. 15 a vehicle parked in his driveway was rummaged through, and a second vehicle in his garage was also entered. Nothing was taken and garage and vehicles were unlocked, so there was no forced entry.
A 49-year-old Elk River man who resides in the 1900 block of Vale Street reported on the morning of Feb. 16 a number of vehicles had been rummaged through. Vehicles had been left unlocked and nothing appeared to have been taken.

License plate swiped
A 31-year-old Elk River woman who resides at Dove Tree Apartments, 1100 block of Lions Park Drive, reported her front license plate was stolen off her car. She noticed it missing on Feb. 12 but did not know when it was taken. She reported the theft on Feb. 14.

Dad questions call
The father of a 16-year-old girl reported on Feb. 15 his daughter received a strange phone call on their home telephone asking her if she was interested in modeling. The caller reportedly knew the party by first name, and hung up after she said she was not interested. The father wanted the call documented since his daughter has never done any modeling and he was unsure how the caller would have gotten her phone number.

Catalytic converters stolen from auto lot
Auto Tech in the 10900 block of 171st Avenue reported three catalytic converters stolen overnight from vehicles that were parked in the lot. It appears that a reciprocating saw had been used to remove the converters. The complainant did not have suspect information but requested extra patrol.

Ticketmaster foils theft
A complainant reported she got a call from Ticketmaster telling her someone had used her American Express card with her account number to purchase concert tickets worth $1,180.40. Ticketmaster called to confirm the order, and the complainant told the ticket outlet to cancel the order. She called police to inquire about her options.

Easy pickings
A 28-year-old Minneapolis man with a warrant for his arrest was an easy target on Feb. 14 after Burlington Northern Santa Fe reported him walking along the tracks near Main Street and Highway 169.
The man told police he was on his way to catch the train, but he connected with a friend who was going to pick him up instead.
Police discovered he had a warrant, and advised his friend of it when the person arrived to pick him up. He was arrested on an Anoka County misdemeanor warrant.

Cub reports theft
Elk River police took a theft report at 8:40 p.m. on Feb. 13 at Cub Foods. A 36-year-old Otsego woman was arrested for taking $86 in grocery items. She had paid for $46 worth of merchandise but had concealed 24 items.

Garage thefts reported
A complainant who lives in the 300 block of Evans Ave. and has an assigned garage stall reported on Feb. 13 having several items stolen. They included a fish finder, fishing poles, an air compressor and an ATV helmet.
Another person living at the same apartment complex reported missing two air grinders, tools and helmets.

Ice auger taken
Police are investigating the alleged theft of an ice auger reportedly taken from Walmart on Feb. 12.

Blackberry taken
A complainant called to report her Blackberry was taken either from her purse or a table at Time Out Bar and Restaurant. The theft happened on the afternoon of Feb. 11.

Gas thief on the run

A white male in his 20s driving a green Dodge Caravan is believed to have made off without paying for $50.01 of gas at On the Run, 18926 Zane St. The suspect was believed to be wearing cargo pants and a Carhart style jacket.

15-year-old cited for theft

A 15-year-old Elk River youth was cited for theft after allegedly taking packages of eye drops from Cub Foods on

Feb. 9. The suspect was released to his adult brother.

Microsoft scam attempted

A complainant calling from the 19100 block of Carson St. reported that on Feb. 9 a man representing himself to be an employee of Microsoft called and asked if the complainant had a slow computer.

The male then convinced her to let him remotely connect with her computer and she she had numerous viruses. He reportedly tried to sell her a virus service for $100 and gave a callback number.

The complainant called Microsoft and was told they did not call customers and try to sell services. The Microsoft employee adived her to file a police report.

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