Fishing trip ends badly

A 36-year-old Vadnais Heights man’s fishing excursion on Lake Orono ended on sour note. Not only were the fish not biting, but when Troy Ewert went to pull away from the spot he had parked, his front end sank into the lake, according to a spokesperson for the Elk River Police Department.

The front end of this Chevy Z-71 pick-up truck sank when its owner attempted to drive after spending some time fishing under the Orono Lake bridge at Highway 10 in Elk River. (Photo by Tom Murray)

The man and his 63-year-old father, Richard, had tried fishing under the bridge at Highway 10 when they decided to pack up and move. The river-fed lake, however, made his choice of places to park particularly troublesome. After trying to pull away, the two man realized they had no choice but to abandon the vehicle and get help. The Chevy truck had to be fished out of the lake by emergency personnel and a local two truck operator.

Watch the Star News for more on this fish tale.

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