Free online assessments for couples

by Bob Grawey
Staff writer
Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and Central Lutheran Church in Elk River is offering couples a free compatibility assessment that can be done at home.

Couple Check Up is an online assessment that is private and secure and looks at areas of a couple’s relationship such as communication, finances, problem-solving, personal interests, sexuality issues, religion and values, and even looks at each of the couple’s family origins.

“This can be helpful for couples at all levels of a relationship,” Central associate pastor Sonja Dixon explains. “The assessment tool can help people know how their family’s origin and background impacts their marriage, and maybe that’s why problems tend to arise during holidays or at other times when we observe things.”

Normally the online compatibility assessment costs $29.95, but Central Lutheran is providing the assessments free to any couple.

Just go to www.couple and use the voucher code ALPHA-CLC-2X2TEJ between now and Feb. 14.

Dixon says the assessment will automatically score the couple’s responses and that no one else will see or have access to them.

“Statistics indicate broken marriages are part of our culture,” Dixon says.

“Hopefully this tool will get couples started in having conversations around values and problem solving.”

The church will follow the assessments with a marriage course starting in April at the Elk River YMCA.

For more information call Central Lutheran at 763-441-2363.

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