Ask a sheriff: Sherburne County Sheriff Joel Brott

Q: Sherburne County houses federal inmates. Where do they come from, how long do they stay, and where do they go after they are sentenced? I was also curious who are the most notable inmates that have been housed at your facility?

A: Sherburne County receives all federal inmates through either the United States Marshals Service or from Immigration and Customs Enforcement. They are individuals who, while in Minnesota or the Upper Midwest, have allegedly committed a federal crime or are awaiting deportation proceedings by immigration.

The typical federal crimes that are prosecuted by the U.S. attorney’s office are drug crimes, sex offenses, fraud, weapons charges and bank robberies.

These detained inmates are awaiting the outcomes of their court proceedings, which generally take from six months to a year. When they are sentenced they may be designated to any prison in the United States.

In Minnesota there are three federal prisons in Waseca, Duluth, and Sandstone. They may also be designated to the federal medical facility in Rochester if they have serious medical needs.

When federal inmates are released from Sherburne County custody they are transported to the designated federal facilities for permanent housing or deportation. They are not released directly into our community.

I will attempt to give you the top 10 most notable inmates that have been housed in the Sherburne County Jail in the next two “Ask the Sheriff” columns. — Joel Brott, Sherburne County sheriff

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