Nordic Ski: Elk boys 4th, girls 6th in conference meet

Elk senior Jane Kallemeyn earned her third all-conference finish, 17th place. (Photo by Bruce Strand)

The Elk River Nordic Ski team had six members making all-conference as the boys placed fourth and the girls sixth in the Northwest Suburban Conference meet on Wednesday.

On a cold (four to eight degrees) day with a slight wind at Baker National Golf Course in Medina, the Andover boys and girls claimed  championships in the 10-school meet. Andover had a similar sweep in NWSC cross country running at Elk River in October. Many athletes participate in both sports.

Nicole Thorndal placed 15th and made all-conference. (Photo by Bruce Strand)

Mitch Nordahl led the Elk boys, placing seventh overall. Nordahl, a senior, was 13th after struggling in the skate race but moved up six places in the freestyle portion. He picked up  his third all-conference award, having placed 26th and 13th previously.

Aaron Shaw placed 23rd, Kyle Kolles 27th, and Max Riebel 28th. Shaw and Kolles are Rogers athletes who will compete separately in the sectionals.

Elk senior captain Jane Kallemeyn made all-conference for the third time, placing 17th. She was seventh last year.

The Elk girls were led by senior Nicole Thorndal, who placed 15th in just her second year of skiing. She moved up from 43rd last year.

The top 30 make all-conference.

Anna Haugen got honorable mention, placing 35th.

“We were very pleased with both teams results,” said Kirsten Anderson, head coach of both Elk teams.  “Both teams improved from last year and with the addition of Armstrong to the conference there was a lot more competition.

“We still have a few kids that are getting healthy but there were some great races.”

Mitch Nordahl had the highest Elk finish, seventh place, and nabbed his third all-NWSC award. (Photo by Bruce Strand)

Individual champions were both from Osseo, as senior Brad Harman led the boys in 30:23, and sophomore Kaley Shagen led the girls in 37:34.

The Elks will compete in sectionals on Thursday at Camp Ripley.

Elk boys top six


7. Mitch Nordahl 16:40-16:47–33:27

23. Aaron Shaw 17:58-1736–3543–3534

27 Kyle Kolles 18:54-17:21–36.15

28. Max Riebel 18:42-17:37–36:19

34. Jake Schroeder 18:51-18:10–37:01

45. Brent Hickman 19:25-18:43–38:08

Elk girls top six


15. Nicole Thorndal 21:29-20:15–4144

17. Jane Kallemeyn 20:52-21:04–4156

35. Anna Haugen 22:37-21:38–4355

43. Katy Turnacliff 24:05-20:59–4504

46. Abby Turnacliff 23:39-21:45–4524

47. Brittni Ellefson 22:56-22:46–45:42

Aaron Shaw, Rogers athlete competing for Elks until sectionals, placed 23rd and made all-conference. (Photo by Bruce Strand)

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