Otsego to make a splash

Otsego City Council approved a $3,000 study on developing a concept plan for a splash pad in the city’s Prairie Park behind city hall.

At the Jan. 24 city council meeting, city planner Dan Licht told council members it could take $100,000 or more to develop and install a splash pad, depending on the features and on the complexity of the mechanics to operate it.

Council members asked about the amount of daily water that would be used in the water feature.

Licht said that would not be known until the study is completed, but a Blaine splash pad uses 20,000 gallons of water a day.

The water would drain into a nearby storm pond, but would seep into the sandy soil of the pond depression before it could be used for irrigation as initially planned.

Funding to study a concept plan, and a splash pad if city council members approve it, will come from Otsego’s Community Facilities Park Fund. These are developer fees dedicated to city recreation facilities.

Once the study is completed, the City Council must approve any Parks and Recreation Commission recommendations on the project, as well as associated costs.

Construction, however, could occur in 2011, according to Licht.

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