Snowmobile crashes in Otsego creek

An unidentified snowmobile driver’s sled ended up in an Otsego creek after he lost control of the machine Monday night, Jan. 24.

Otsego River Riders Snowmobile Club President Pat Hilden took the call while attending the Otsego City Council meeting.

Among other things, Hilden was speaking about responding to problems on area snowmobile trails when the call came.

Apparently, a 35-year-old man was driving on a trail near Mason Avenue when he hit a rough bump.

Before he could steady his sled, he reportedly hit a second bump, causing him to lose control.

The man was not injured, but his machine, which landed in the creek, was damaged.

A friend helped the man lift the sled enough to pull it out of the creek with a rope, according to Hilden.

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