Rogers one-act entry is tale of suspicion and conflict, ‘Us and Them’

From left, Vanessa Moen, Hannah Lewis, Nick Throldahl, Dillon Schullo, and Mike Woodard in a scene from "Us and Them." (Photo by Bruce Strand)

by Bruce Strand, Arts editor

Rogers High School’s one-act competition play entry is “Us and Them,” about a clash of weary settlers who  settle upon the same land and struggle to determine how to keep track of who’s land is whose.

The play will be performed at approximately 10:45 a.m. Saturday, Jan. 29, in the sub-section competition at Anoka High School that starts at 10 a.m. The plays picked as top two advance to sectionals at STMA on Feb. 5.

Group A discusses strategy. From left are Sarah Clauson, Tara Nagengast, Brita Larson, and Vanessa Moen. (Photo by Bruce Strand)

Lead roles include Allee Schaefer as The Recorder, a narrator who chronicles the struggle; Britta Larson as Spokesman for Group A, and Paige Messenbrink as Spokesman for Group B.

“Us and Them,” written by David Compton, has characters having no names. One side is all dressed in blue plaid and the other in red plaid. Groups A and B build a  wall between them, only to realize that the wall hindered their ability to coexist peacefully.

“The play points out how people throughout history have brought on their own demise by such a illogical distrust of their neighbor,” said the director, B.J. Brent.

The play was presented at the Mississippi 8 Festival last Saturday in Cambridge.

Selected as all-conference for drama were actors Britta Larson and Dillon Schullo, along with Ashley York for technical crew. Honorable mentions were Nick Throldol and Allee Schaefer.

Cast members are Allee Schaeffer, Maddie Scaeffer, Brita Larson, Paige Messenbrink, Tara Nagengast, Gina Picconatto, Ashley York, Steph Meyer, Bri Roth, Sarah Clauson, Vanessa Moen, Kaylin Robbins, Nick Throldahl, Mike Woodard, Dillon Schullo, Jessica Lehrke, Tara Nagengast, Emily Clauson, Hannah Lewis. The stage crew is Ashley York and Maddie Schafer.

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