Otsego implements changes for fires

Residents in Otsego who want to have a fire on their property need to refer to changes made at the Jan. 24 city council meeting regarding open burning in the city.

Permits are not needed to have a recreational fire as long as that fire is no more than 3 feet in diameter or in height.

Recreational fires must also be contained inside an approved fire ring, or within a ring formed by other non-combustible material, such as rocks.

If, however, a fire is larger that the 3-foot restriction, a burning permit needs to be obtained from city hall.

As with any fire, though, residents should contact city hall to make sure a burning ban is not in place before lighting any fire.

Materials that can be burned include:

•Dry, clean wood, such as twigs, branches and limbs.
•“Presto logs.”
•Cord wood.
•Untreated lumber no longer than 3 feet.

Materials not allowed for burning include:

•Green wood with leaves or needles.
•Rotten or wet wood.
•Materials treated with paint, glue or preservatives.
•Insulation or sheetrock.
•Rubber or plastic-based material.

To get more information on this or any other city ordinance, go to www.ci.otsego.mn.us or call Otsego City Hall at 763-441-4414.

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