Elk River pays tribute to park volunteers of 2010

The Elk River Parks and Recreation Commission has paid tribute to its volunteers of the month for 2010.
Here’s a recap of who they are and where they volunteer:
•January: Darlene Nickols, Woodland Trails Park
•February: Ron Johnson, Elk River Arena
•March: Wayne Becklin, Woodland Trails Park
•April: RSVP and Charlotte Strei, Elk River Activity Center
•June: Tara Olsen, women’s volleyball
•July: Falyce Sentyrz, Pinewood Golf Course
•August: Paul Kimbler, youth sports coach
•September: Lois B. Swanson, Elk River Activity Center
•November: Paul Schwab, Elk River Arena
•December: Ben Broten, Hillside City Park
2010 was the first full year of the volunteer of the month program.
“The positive work that they do makes us what we are,” said Steve Benoit, Elk River recreation manager.

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