Skating for Disney: Snapshots of Rachel Halvorson’s cool first job

Rachel Halvorson is the cowgirl fourth from left in this "Woody's Roundup" scene. (Photo Naomi Halvorson)

by Bruce Strand, Sports editor

Eighteen-year-old Rachel Halvorson is away from home earning a nice paycheck with a gig that’s a bit more exciting than most people’s first jobs.

Rachel as a Barbie Doll on ice.

The Elk River Figure Skating Club product is employed by Disney on Ice with their Toy Story show. The Star News reached her this week in Indianapolis, the 20th of 35 cities they’ll visit in the tour that started Sept. 3. She’s done about 180 shows.

“I’m one of the cowgirls in Woody’s Roundup, and I’m in the Barbie Workout, and I’m one of the Green Army men, and I’m one of the aliens with three eyes,” said Halvorson. “I’m loving it so far.”

She says she’s not homesick.

“We change cities every week so you don’t have time to get homesick. My family saw me in New York  and they’ll be in Chicago next week.”

The skills she learned with ERFSC, where she sparkled in showmanship more than in competitions, were sufficient for the Disney tour, although she’s taking some pairs lessons for future roles. “I’ve never done pairs,” she said.

Disney has asked Halvorson to join a tour  Mexico in the summer and the West Coast next year, and said she will probably do that.

“Our family went out to New York at Thanksgiving to see her perform,” said Rachel’s mom, Naomi. “It was great to see her so well adjusted, and loving what she is doing.  She loves to perform, of course, but has also enjoyed the traveling … This has been an amazing experience for her!”

Rachel is second from left in this "Barbie's Workout" scene. (Photo by Noami Halvorson)
Rachel (left) and a fellow cast member flank the original Disney superstar.
One of the perks: meeting Scott Hamilton

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