Woman puts up fight after arrest for theft

A 22-year-old Coon Rapids woman alleged to have stolen more than $600 worth of merchandise from Walmart is also facing a charge of obstructing legal process with force, according to Elk River Police Chief Brad Rolfe.

An officer read the woman her miranda rights and arrested her upon arriving at the store where Walmart staff had her detained.

The officer handcuffed the woman and proceeded to put her in the back seat of the squad when she became combative, struggled repeatedly with the officer, attempted to pull free and run away, Rolfe reported.

The woman also attempted to kick the officer. The officer put out a call for assistance. Upon arrival of other officers, the suspect was placed in hobble leg restraints due to kicking and her attempt to run.

The suspect also threatened to spit at an officer.

She was transported to the Sherburne County jail, booked and held for court. She was charged with gross misdemeanor theft and obstructing legal process with force.

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