’Tis the season for getting fit; intense boot camp offers a new way to do it

• YMCA set to launch new boot camp that pits teams of six against each other to see which team can lose the most weight


’Tis the season to get fit.

And efforts to this end will ramp up Monday at YMCAs across the metropolitan area, including right here in Elk River, with the launch of a new and challenging course called the Get Fit Club Boot Camp.
“This won’t be for the beginner,” said Alex Hoff, the Elk River YMCA member service director.

It’s a step up from the YMCA’s better-known Get Fit Clubs that attract 20 to 30 participants for each 10-week course. (More on those later.)

Get Fit Boot Camps will pit teams of six individuals against each other. Each team will be led by a nationally certified personal trainer who will be there to fuel the competition between groups. “He or she will be there to kick everyone’s butt,” Hoff says.

The competition will be visible to YMCA members, as information, pictures and results will be posted for all to see.

The effort is one component of the YMCA’s overall push to help individuals and families be more healthy in 2011. The YMCA is planning free nutrition education events throughout the month of January with easy tips on how to live healthfully in the new year. See page 7B for more on that.

In addition to Get Fit Clubs and the Get Fit Club Boot Camps, the YMCA also is preparing to launch a similar program for youth later this year, according to Molly Hanson, the Elk River YMCA’s executive director.

The Get Fit Club Boot Camp is a seven-week class, which offers personal assessments, accountability, nutrition coaching and a team focus. Powerful workouts will focus on the use of TRX suspension exercises and kettlebells.

Participants can expect to work on their cardiovascular health, speed, endurance, strength and power training.

Participants will be given colored bandannas to separate themselves from other teams. The cost of the course is $126, and there is room for more participants.

TRX Suspension Training is a form of exercising using one’s own body weight as resistance and changing the angles of their body to make exercises easier or harder. These exercises are for the total body to help gain strength, flexibility and core strength.

Kettlebell, or a girya, is a traditional Russian cast iron weight that looks like a cannonball with a  handle. It helps develop all-around fitness.

TRX and kettlebell classes are offered to non-boot-camp participants for a little more than half the cost of boot camps.

Get Fit Clubs, meanwhile, offer something for people just starting at the YMCA who are looking to start out on the right foot. These 10-week courses offer a chance to chart a course to realistic long-term lifestyle changes. Beyond assisting with weight loss, Get Fit Clubs provide education, counseling and support in a person’s pursuit of improved health and fitness goals.

The clubs offer comprehensive nutrition, fitness and lifestyle training and education in a small group setting. Each club is unique, but all of them include everything from fitness training, to body fat tracking to special lectures on club-specific topics.

Participants receive nutrition tracking and menu planning software and pre- and post-body fat testing and measurements.

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